About Us

Mi Labs life sciences is a research-based pharmaceutical company headquartered in Bangalore. We develop pharma and neutraceutic formulas in key areas requiring attention. We believe in simplifying and transforming healthcare for people with life-threatening illnesses across the globe.

Our product portfolio includes Zyborica (herbal preparation extracted from papaya leaves) for tackling low platelet counts. Zyborica halts the falling platelet counts and prevents life-threatening internal bleeding and hemorrhaging.

Research And Innovation

Our strategic research in healthcare products and innovative solutions to life-threatening diseases positions us uniquely. Our goal is to improve health outcomes in our communities.

Strength Through Partnership

We believe in the power of collective intelligence and wisdom. We form smart networks with people and organizations across medicine, clinical research, basic science research, academia and business partners to evolve the best quality products. Our strategic coalitions allow us to develop, market and distribute world-class pharma and neutraceutic products effectively and efficiently.